I knew Lulu

So it turned out the gigs last week weren’t full of arseholes! I heard some horror story’s from other acts so I must have been lucky. Highlight was the Clutha fundraiser at the O2 in Glasgow. 1500 people raising over £30000. It’s not often on a bill this size that every act has a belter but this was one of those nights.

Loads of press coverage and all positive but I noticed some negative  comments asking why have a fundraiser for this and not for instance 3 guys who died in a north sea helicopter crash. It’s a fair comment but do you really want to say cause we don’t do something for one tragedy then we don’t do anything for anyone? I think the uniqueness of what happened at the Clutha is what captured people’s imagination.  I don’t even know if imagination is the right word but when we hear about car crashes,boats sinking, even people getting murdered it’s things we have all heard before, a familiar tragedy that we’ve all grown up with.

One of the things that I’ve noticed since the accident is the amount of people who have a near miss story about that night. “A used to take ma dug a walk by the Clutha every night” from a guy who’s no had that dug for 2 years! ” ma best mates mate, when he goes into Glesga always gets a pie and beans at the Clutha,says they’re the best he’s ever had”

It will be like the Kevin Bacon 6 degrees of separation thing were people will be able to place themselves at the Clutha in 6 steps


I’ll finish with the Lula story’s. According to everybody lulu comes fae every scheme in Glasgow! I’ve even my own Lulu story of an uncle who said he pumped her in the 60’s. His words, but he was also a raging alky so who knows..