Dwayne and me!

So last night I got to play my biggest crowd when I opened for Bill Burr at the O2 Academy in Glasgow. 1500 people all there to see someone else meant I was a wee bit nervous during the day. Having spent the whole day going over my set I then got a text saying could I call Bills manager Dwayne to talk over my set. I called the number to talk to Dwayne and he asks if I do stuff about dogs and i say yes and he says Bill has a wee bit on dogs and I’ll have to drop it from my set and I’m thinking bastard! Then you have to imagine an American accent saying ” and do you do a bit aboot getting mad wae it” I’m trying to tell Dwayne I’m not doing the Arches bit then the cunt starts laughing and I realise it’s Kevin Bridges!He thought it would be hilarious to stress me out with a prank call!!

As for the gig? I think it went as well as I could have hoped for and I heard laughing…Then had a few drinks with Bill(he’s ma mate now so it’s Bill!)and got told the highlight of the night was Bill taking the piss out of the fact I got the jail for stealing books!1473008_618118751579124_2143584219_n

With a massive hangover today I then had the privilege of returning to HMP Barlinnie to do 2 comedy shows for the cons,along with Scott Gibson and Pat Rolink. Having spent time there as a resident a few of the officers remembered me and even a few cons. I’ve did a few of these ┬ájail gigs and there has never been a bad one. I think the guys appreciate us doing them. The highlight for me was an officer showing us the Hanging Cell where they…well the clues in the name. Big Scott had never been in the jail so a guy showed him inside his cell. Pretty depressing seeing it all again. Poor guy was only in 5 days and you could see he was struggling and no telly,x box or pot noodle makes that any better.

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