Monthly Archives: November 2013

New York and Bill Burr

So the last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting for a bald guy. First of all I got asked to open for Bill Burr at his only Scottish date on 4th December.

If you haven’t seen Bill before, I urge you to check him out on YouTube. The guy is brilliant.

2013070721_38_12BillBurrEpidemicofgolddiggingwhoresYouTube_thumbLast week I played at the New York Comedy Festival as part of a Scottish acts showcase. This was a amazing trip which also included getting to see Bill Burr perform his show in NY. I met up with him in a boozers later and turns out he’s not just funny but a really decent guy. If he had turned out to be a dick I would probably have just said I met Bill Burr and left it at that! As for my gig, I was shitting myself before I went on but the decent amount of ex pats or holiday makers made it seem like a home crowd.

The thing with being a jobbing comic means I play every type of gig. This meant in the 4 days since I came home from NY the gigs ranged from a Children In Need gig at the BBC to playing at a golf club and ending in a pub in Glasgow where I was brought on stage to the sound of everyone in the pub singing “Lets go fuck a deid cunt…lets go fuck a deid cunt..nnnnaaaaaa…nnaaaaa…naaaa..” It would be great to play lovely comedy clubs throughout the country but the reality for most comics is we play wherever we get asked and, to be honest, i’ts always a better story to tell when it involves shagging a deid cunt!

So hopefully the more I write on this site the more chance I will be funny. I wouldn’t expect it but like the lottery you never know.